60 credits per semester are required. You can compose the content of your  studies according to your own interests:

Semester 1 MA/ARCH
ARCH712 History and Theories of the 20th century 15 required
ARCH700 Digital Design Theory and Methods 15 elective
ARCH715 Digital Design Studio 15 elective
ARCH708 Virtual Environments for Architecture 15 elective
ARCH711 Design 1 15 elective
ARCH716 Climatic Design for Sustainable Architecture 15 elective
ARCH717 Environmental assessment techniques 15 elective
ARCH724 Theory of BIM and Integrated Project Delivery 30 elective
 ARCH725  Manag Collab Workflows for BIM  15 elective
 ARCH729  Parametric Design and Fabrication 1  15  elective
Semester 2
ARCH481 Research Methodology 15 mandatory
ARCH730  Parametric Design and Fabrication 2 15 elective
ARCH703 Integrated Design Methods and Practices 15 elective
ARCH710 Research Group Placement 30 elective
ARCH712 Design Appreciation 15 elective
ARCH727 Virtual Environments for Architecture Proj. 15 elective
ARCH718 Sustainable Environmental Design 15 elective
ARCH429 Designing for a changing climate 15 elective
ARCH720 Low and Zero energy systems 15 elective
ARCH726 nD Modeling with BIM 30 elective
Semester 3
ARCH721 Thesis : Dissertation 60 mandatory
ARCH722 Thesis : Research by Design 60 mandatory
ARCH723 Thesis : Design 60 mandatory