Design studios

Our design studios consist of four studio units as described below:


Asterios Agkathidis – Advanced Architectural Design Unit (AADU)

This unit focuses on advanced design methods, generative/computational design techniques and biomorphism. We will explore analogue and digital form-finding techniques using context, modularity and geometrical principles as design drivers, incorporating the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms ‘Midjourney’, DALL-E2, stable diffusion and Meshy as a form-finding mechanism, switching to parametric design tools and CNC technology, in coherence with material-structural performance and the natural context. We will cast a critical view on current parametric design trends, highlighting typological/formal/performative innovation in contrast to formalism. Physical and digital models will be essential throughout the entire design process.

Juliana Kei – Client Who?

This studio aims to produce recordings of the extraordinary landscape of the Hilbre Islands and to work on their transformation into architectural language. We will reflect upon what it means to architecturally participate in a landscape and to contribute to it. In the first stage of this project, we will develop (visual or acoustic, filmic or static, digital or analogue) recordings of our observations that need to be short, precise, and carefully edited. Then, through notational drawing, we will begin to graphically spatialise them. By taking into account the scale and the horizontality of the site, the visual positions and the programmatic possibilities our recordings and notations open up, we will construct architectural propositions that will act as ‘mediating devices’ between ourselves and the landscape.