Design studios

Our design studios consist out of four studio units as described below:


Asterios Agkathidis – Advanced Architectural Design Unit (AADU)

This unit is focusing on advanced design methods, computational design techniques and biomorphism. We will explore analogue and digital form-finding techniques using nature as a design driver, incorporating parametric design tools and CNC technology, in coherence with material-structural performance and the natural context. We will cast a critical view on current parametric design trends, highlighting typological-formal-performative innovation in contrast to formalism. Physical and digital models will be essential through the entire design process.


Urun Kilic – Architecture and Human Habitation Unit – “The Poetics of Place” (AHHU)

Places are more than abstract locations, they are a totality comprised of not only the physical i.e. climate, light, topography, geology, hydrology, flora and fauna but also of the social i.e. archaeology, anthropology, history and heritage. They are also comprised of the intangible i.e. memories, dreams and emotions. Combined, these things determine the essence of the place i.e. its ‘Genius Loci’. The purpose of the studio is to first discover this ‘Genius Loci’, and then make it both physically and psychologically tangible through form, space and materiality i.e.  through architecture.


Mike Knight – Symbiosis Unit (SU)

Architecture should be more than just shapes, theory and forms … Architecture is about people and above all improving people’s lives. In scale, this moves from the macro to the micro; from the neighbourhood scale down to the design of individual building components. For this studio, we will consider the place of people in nature and of mans’ the spiritual connection to the land and sea … but always from a human experiential perspective. The often extreme conditions caused by storms and tides experienced by the island and those visiting it or staying on it will give exciting opportunities for architectural experimentation. We will use blended techniques that bridge the analogue and the digital, from the manual sketch and physical model to Virtual Reality … always testing and questioning propositions at macro and micro scales.