• 11.12.2017: Final reviews with Henry David Luth (Zaha Hadid Architects) and Simos Vamvakidis (University of Plymouth)

  • 6.12.2017: Great projects at our parametric design module final review with Goerge Berdos (University of Edinburgh). Soft moulds and 3D printing on textiles!

  • 27.11.2017: A great model from our research on 3D printing on textiles, ARCH729 module

  • 22.11.2017: Great Day in the MA interim review with guest Critiques Kyriakos Chatziparaskeuas (Heathewick Studio) and Simos Vamvakidis (University of Plymouth)

  • 14.10.2017: Many thanks to Kyriakos Chatziparaskeuas and Yorgos Berdos for the advanced grasshopper workshop the delivered for our MA/MSc cohort in the University of Liverpool’s London campus!

  • 02.10.2017: What an amazing field trip to the Hilbrie Islands with our new MA/ARCH cohort! well done guys!

  • 07.09.2017: Our final thesis reviews have been completed successfully. Many thanks to our guests, Yota Adilenidou (University of Westminster) and Ben Spaeth (University of Cardiff) for their constructive feedback!

  • 07.07.2017: this is our pavilion in Fabfest 2017!

  • 18.05.2017: First FabFest workshop the University of Liverpool in London with the University of Westminster and Yota Adilenidou

  • 8.05.2017: Amazing results at our final studio review, with guest critics Angelos Chronis (IAAC), Elif Erdine (AA) and Alexandros Kallegias (Zaha Hadid Architects)

  • 25.04.2017: VR workshop in collaboration with TU Graz!

  • 20.3.2017: Design Studio 2, 2nd  interim review completed! many Thanks to Ben Spaeth, University of Cardiff and Goerge Berdos, the University of Edinburgh for joining us today!
  • 16.3.2017: The Advanced Architectural Design Unit will participate in FAB BEST 2017, University of Westminster. Our team will develop a kinetic skin pavilion and build a prototype in 1/1 scale!
  • 27.2.2017: Design 2 first interim review!

  • 6.2.2017: fascinating Barcelona field trip: all about food culture!

  • 14.12.2016: Final Virtual Reality presentations today!

  • 12.12.2016: Final Design 1 reviews with Kyriakos Chatziparaskeuas (Heatherwick’s Studio)!

  • 21.11.2016: Many thanks to Stella Durtmes (Zaha Hadid Architects) for joining our interim reviews today!

  • 31.10.2016: 1st interim review completed with success! There were some exciting models around!


  • 26.09.2016: New Brighton site visit in stormy weather!


  • 19.09.2016: Introduction to the academic year 2016-2017, Friday, 23.09.2016, 10 am Reilly room, LSA
  • 5.9.2016: The MA in Architecture at the Liverpool School of Architecture has its own website